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Pruning and Thinning

Pristine Pruning and Thinning for Your Trees

Trusted Tree Pruning Service in Lecompton, KS, and Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Sunrise Tree Care LLC, where we offer exceptional tree pruning service in Lecompton, KS, Lawrence, and the surrounding areas. Our extensive experience and keen eye for detail ensure the health and aesthetics of your trees. Our certified arborist will handle everything from tree branch removal services to crown reduction, dead wood removal, and directional pruning. Our team is trained to manage and maintain a range of property types, including apartments, educational campuses, hospitality venues, and retail outlets. Let us help you improve the overall wellness and appeal of your trees.

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Comprehensive Pruning Solutions

Addressing All Your Tree Pruning Needs

We’re not just your ordinary tree pruning service in Lecompton, KS. At Sunrise Tree Care LLC, we offer an exhaustive list of services, including tree cabling, canopy racing, crown thinning, and more. Whether you require maintaining recurring services or dealing with crown reduction, our team has you covered. Moreover, our expertise extends to pruning shrubs, hedges, and bushes. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive pruning service that balances the health of your trees with the beauty of your property. Count on us for all your tree pruning needs and experience the transformation of your outdoor space as we enhance its beauty, aesthetics, and vitality, creating an inviting and picturesque environment that will endure for years to come.